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August 21, 2016
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One year ago to the day I posted the letter below on my Facebook page. It is even more relevant today than it was in 2015. Last August I was still a member of the Republican Party, but the GOP of today is neither the Party of Lincoln nor the Party I joined in 1976. So, after forty years as a conservative, active Republican; multiple gubernatorial, congressional, senatorial, and presidential campaigns; a stint at the RNC; and several senior level positions in the Administrations of two Republican Governors, two Republican Presidents and one Republican Mayor I left the GOP. The decision was not one bit difficult, the GOP has become a party that no longer represents my principles or beliefs; it has strayed quite far from my moral compass.

In  light of the “outreach” to African-Americans and Hispanics by the GOP Presidential nominee in the past 72 hours,  I am sharing my thoughts publicly. Sadly, they are more than tailor-made for the present.

August 21, 2015

My fellow Republicans,

If at this stage of the game you have to constantly remind Hispanics how much room there is in your tent & how welcoming a Party you are; you’re doing something very wrong.

It’s not about an elected official or two that you can dust off & wave to the masses every four years. It’s not about remembering Hispanics when a Presidential election rolls around every four years & ignoring us the three years in between.

It is however about your policies; your off-putting mouthpieces; your failure in leadership. It’s about not having Hispanics at the decision-making level well before election time. Even when you had a Hispanic as Party Chair, a sitting United States Senator at that; he was Chairman in name only. You appointed a co-Chairman (first & only time that happened in the history of the RNC) a white male, who was the one actually calling the shots. And don’t get me started on the fact that you ran the first African-American RNC Chair out of town. Yes, he had his flaws; but you’ve overlooked flaws in others many times before & after Steele.

BTW, you also have a problem with women, young people, Jewish people, Asian-Americans, and that other elephant in the room: African-Americans. Please allow me to remind you this is not about pandering and/or catering to special groups. This is about meaningful inclusion so seamless that the need to identify communities by race or gender is unnecessary. This is about a seat at the table where those that dictate policy & the agenda sit. Because if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. And you my dear GOP, keep serving the same menu over and over. That’s how you ended up with a well-deserved Donald Trump. You did it the old-fashioned way: you earned him


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